BJJ philosophy – 3 Reasons why we should be chasing medals

Having just competed in the Copa Katana 2015 in Richmond, BC on Saturday. I’m feeling particularly motivated and driven to chase medals this year. This got me thinking and led me to feel this way for a few reasons.

1) I’ve come to realize that all the best competitors both local and internationally, compete ALOT. When you read their blogs, speak to them in person or even catch their social media posts, you can see that they do not care about losses, records or failure. They care only about aggressively and passionately chasing their dreams. This is not only beneficial for a competitor, but necessary. Waiting around for easier competitions, skipping tournaments due to a tough bracket, or any other excuse based absence of a competition and you’ve lost out on an opportunity to bring home another gold.

2) We are in a time where BJJ is reaching new heights in popularity. In the last few years we have also seen an explosion of social media use both personal and business. We are at a cross roads where social media and BJJ are surging in relevance and popularity. This creates a platform where competitors of various rank can create social media presences, attain sponsorships, and make a part time – in some cases full time – living off of their passion. So if you want to be doing less of the 9-5 grind and more of what we love, you should be chasing medals.

3)The majority of excellent coaches are or were extremely active competitors. From local top talent, like my coach, Cobrinha brown belt Jason  Gagnon (@grilobjj) to legends teaching out in the UK like Roger Gracie. Before they ever had their own academies they were (and many still are) chasing medals. This pursuit of excellence creates not only habits of being the best you can but teaches one how to pass on the knowledge and discipline for others to be their best. So if you are like me, you are currently working to be the best coach you can(shoutout to my students at Infinity MMA!) or one day hope to coach BJJ, chase medals.

Some serious medal chasers

Some serious medal chasers

In addition to these 3 main reasons for chasing medals, there is a very simple one remaining. Adversity creates character. Whether a seasoned vet or new white belt competitor, you will experience self doubt, fear, fatigue and frustration. But on the other side of these is accomplishment, victory, knowledge, and of course, those medals you’ve been chasing.

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